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    Doggy Care Harness
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    Normally $69.99
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    Save Time - End Stress - Stay Safe!
    We make Small Dog care safe & easy for you!
    pet grooming harness
    pet grooming harness

    Ultimate Dog Care

    Our small dog grooming harness gently & effectively  guards against scratches & bites while giving you full control. You'll keep your dog calmer & save time while putting your stress to rest. We've helped thousands of dog lovers just like you. With our harness you can finally trim nails,  give medications, & groom, without worry.
     So don't wait till the next time you're fussing with your fidgety doggy to order. 
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    Save Time
    With grooming & care giving only taking a fraction of the time, you'll be able to do a lot more of the thing you love.
    You'll be able to get everything done in just minutes instead of spreading it out over days. What a great sense of accomplishment!

    End Stress
    You can safely and easily care for your dogs without fearing the outcome. And you can rid yourself of the stress that comes with putting it off.
    It also eases your dog's stress from being handled and chased, by gently hugging at key pressure points. This causes dogs to feel more relaxed and secure.

    Stay Safe
    Your new harness safely & humanely limits your dog's range of motion, keeping you safe from scratches & bites.
    The one of a kind design never puts any stress on your dog's neck like all the others do.

    pet grooming harness
    Recommended for small dogs with a maximum chest measurement of 16 inches when measured tight to the skin just rear of the shoulders.
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    The following four pieces are included in your order.

    Cat grooming harness dry pouch
    Cat grooming harness
    Cat grooming harness guide handle
    Cat grooming harness extension
    Free Dry Pouch!
    (Limited time only)
    Care Harness
    Full Length Fitting Video
    Fits cats from 7.5 lbs to 20 lbs with the included extension.
    Fits small dogs from 7.5 lbs to 19 lbs.
    Maximum chest measurement of 16 inches

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