Success Stories!

Cat restraint
 This Care Harness has been a blessing to us. I wasn't sure, but after watching a few videos I went for it. It was well worth it!
Thank You Healthy Kitty!
Rob Ziller 
Denver Colo.
As a retired guy, I admit to spending way too much time on Facebook. Very glad now that I do. While looking at some comments, I came across the device. As we have 7 indoor cats, some weighing over 27 pounds, baths and nail trimming was very traumatic for the cats and physically painful for us.
The Healthy Kitty Care Harness has made caring for our little (and not so little) folks a breeze. The cats had no issue with the device, from the beginning.
Thank you, for my skin and our happy cats.
Brian N.
Sarasota Florida
I just received my healthy kitty harness today and I absolutely love it!!! I was able to trim and groom our long haired cat without any problems! I am so happy that I found you guys online!
Karen P.
​Summerfield FL.
Great harness! Makes clipping kitties toenails so much easier! 
Dena W.
Kearney MO.

I received my doggy care harness and I love it! Brushing and grooming is so much easier.
You guys are geniuses!
Michael B.
Cooperstown NY.

Hi! Congratulations on your success with such a much needed product. I'm Ordering another! I'm taking this one to our vet and giving it to a rescue.
Awesome Product!
Traci R.
Fortson, GA
Thanks for helping me! I had so much trouble brushing my cat. She just wouldn't sit still for grooming. Now it's easy and takes so little time.
I'm so happy I found you!

Brad H.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Professional groomer:
Thank you sooo much! I got the package and It fits my FAT cat perfectly. I am sure I will be using it a lot at the grooming salon too.
I will show everyone this wonderful invention.
Viki T.
Madison, WI
Dog Grooming Harness
After trying to groom this yorkie with an Elizabethian Collar, we gave up and decided to try the Healthy Doggy Care Harness. It worked!!! This yorkie stayed still and was calm for the rest if the groom. We scissored the head and face with no problems

Tamara C.
Stuart FL.
This harness is amazing!!! It's a life saver when it comes to taking care of your kitty. Especially when it comes to bath time. Every cat owner should have one. #lifechanger

Krystal K.
Dallas, Tx
This product was awesome. I will use this for my cat from now on. I Didn't even get scratched once! I recommend this to every cat owner

Josh P.
Lebanon, Ky
What an amazing thing to have!! Without this, I struggle to give my babies the baths that they need! Not a scratch one! I highly, highly recommend purchasing one of these! Great quality. Amazing!
Jennifer R.
Campbellsville, Ky
Cat grooming harness
Grooming my cat is so much easier with my Kitty Care Harness. We used to towel wrap her when she needed her nails trimmed, only she could easily wiggle loose. Now I put her in her harness and it all goes much smoother! I save so much time now that I don't have to chase after her or worry about getting scratched.
Thanks Healthy Kitty!
Mary H.
Plano, TX.
Kitty Care Harness
Cat grooming harness
Cat grooming restraint
It was so easy to clip Sophie's nails,
She's usually so fidgety!
Koala B.
Boston, MA.
Giving my Sylvester his sub q. fluids is so much easier and only takes half the time now!
Love Healthy Kitty!

C. Holley
McKinney, TX.
It's really easy to groom my cats using my kitty care harness!
It saves me time and now we all breathe much easier.
Thanks Again!
T. Murrilo
Veteran owned business
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