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Kitty Care Harness for trimming nails.

Our Care Harness can make all the difference.
It provides safety and ease by limiting your cat's range of motion. Cats are unable to raise their paws to scratch you or turn their head to bite you. It's the most humane way to provide care and trim nails without worry or rush. It eliminates the need to scruff or chase your cat (which reduces stress for her too). Because our harness has a handle, you have full control. That means calm and unhurried care for your cat. When you're calm, kitty knows that everything is gonna be just fine.

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Trimming cat nails.

Because Healthy Kitty is an advocate for the safe and humane care of cats we strongly disagree with the practice of declawing. This surgery (onychectomy) involves amputation of the cat’s toes to the equivalent of the first knuckle of your own human fingers. The surgery and long recovery period necessitate aggressive pain management for several weeks after. Many studies show that it creates behavioral problems and can lead to stress and depression. Declawing also leaves cats feeling vulnerable and may cause them to bite because they have lost their primary defense mechanism. More potential side effects include cats becoming nervous, withdrawn, or aggressive. Urinating and defecating outside the litter box are some of the most common behavioral side effects. Please be aware that many cats have lost their trust in guardians and many times their homes because of declawing.

Why trim your cat's nails?

Trimming your cat's nails is the most humane way to reduce her ability to shred furniture and drapes. Trimming will also make their kneading less painful and improve relationships by avoiding punctured skin. Benefits to your cat include prevention of broken claws (that can get caught in carpet) and the avoidance of ingrown toenails that can lead to infection.

How to trim your cat's nails.

Make it a habit of handling your cat's paws when petting. This will allow your cat to become acquainted with this behavior and not perceive it as a threat. We can't express the importance understanding the anatomy of your cat's nails. Most of all the pink area known as the quick that contains nerves and blood vessels. Stay away from this area when clipping to avoid bleeding and injury. We recommend that you become familiar with your clippers by practicing on a piece of spaghetti. Using a ruler, mark the spaghetti every 1/16th of an inch (for a couple of inches) and practice clipping. This will help you to gain confidence and a good understanding of where to position your clippers. This should be done in your cat's presence to allow for the acquaintance of this sound. Next you should prepare a quiet room free of distractions (such as open windows) or others. Turn of cell phones and alarms, place some styptic powder (we recommend pads), clippers, and a loosened care harness in a convenient location of the room. Now it's time to exercise your cat for a while using the toy that they chase the most. Play with your cat and make her chase until she is too tired for anymore. Then give her a treat and encouragement. This will cause her to relax, which is the perfect time to trim nails. Now take your cat into your quiet room and fit her with the care harness. Next massage your cat's paws to relax her. Use your thumb to gently press against her paw pad expressing nails for clipping. Sing or speak to your cat to comfort and distract her. Try not to take any longer than necessary and pause only to make necessary adjustments. Clip with confidence, as you have practiced and prepared for success!
What you wil need.
Clippers for trimming.
Styptic powder to stop bleeding and ease pain from an accident.
Kitty Care Harness for safety and ease.
Spaghetti for practicing.

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Cat grooming Harness
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